When will your home insurance not cover your losses?

Burglary can happen anytime and generally, it happens when you least expect it to happen. This is exactly the reason why you need to get a very good home insurance which would cover the most possible instances. However, there are some instances of key importance when you will likely not get a dime. Here are some of these for you to be aware about them.

This means you will not get any money when the burglary is one of the below scenarios

  • One of your doors remained opened or unlocked by accident
    You can have the best safety locks in the world and a home insurance that seems solid as steel. But if you fail to use your locks, by the time a burglary happens, then it’s all the same. Burglaries committed by the time someone leaves one of their doors open or simply unlocked are indeed opportunist acts. Yes there is nothing worse than realizing the fact, that regardless of paying a certain sum every single month for your home to be protected, your insurance company will simply refuse your claim, when it comes out nothing was physically broken no locks were taken out or are in need of replacement due to door remaining open.
  • You forgot a window open and the burglars climbed through it
    The same is the situation, when the window is open on the second floor and you happen to forget your ladder in the garden. Be it with the very best and clearest intentions or simply forgetting about locking your window, the insurance company will tell you a big fat „no” when it comes to covering non-violent burglaries. The same goes for all the instances when nothing needs to be harmed by burglars in order for them to get in. Also, we strongly remind you not to keep this as a secret. Most insurance investigators are former policemen who will see through the lie.
  • If either one of your locks were not used by the time of the burglary
    Even if one or more of your locks were locked but not all your safety or defence systems were on (for instance you declare to have an alarm system and it was not on by the time of the burglary) then your insurance company can also refuse your claim.
  • If it comes out that you lied about your doors being properly locked
    Insurance investigators are very good at finding out about lies, as they need to deal with lies every single day. That’s why it’s needless to lie. If it comes out you lied about a lock being properly locked or an alarm system being on, then the insurance company may as well cancel your whole insurance contract and you end up losing a whole lot of money.
  • If your locks are not of BSI standard or different from what you reported earlier
    You must have locks with BSI logo on. Any certified locksmith service in Poole can provide you with these or change your locks accordingly. It’s also essential to inform the insurance company on all changes in your safety system as soon as possible.