The 5 most vulnerable parts of your home: from the eyes of a burglar

The front entrance door

You may think most burglars prefer to stay out of sight and try to attack from the back, but on the contrary most burglars would by default aim for the front door if the front door has some of the below features. The number one signs of call for burglars in the front door area are the following:

  • Doors with lots of decorative glass in and around their frames
  • Recessed doorways
  • Columns, large potteries which prevent others to have a clear view to the doorway.

This means you need to resolve this problem to make the front door area as clear and light as possible to prevent anyone being able to hide behind anything nearby. This also means bushes, trees and other plants next to the doorway.

Back and side entrances

Many people don’t consider to provide enough protection for their backdoors and side-doors but these areas present as some of the most vulnerable, sometimes merely for the reason for these to be out of sight. Make sure to light up your side yard and backyard areas with strong lighting especially the one that activate to movements. Higher fences and having guard dogs can also be a very good option. Fake security cameras can also be handy.


Especially windows on the ground floor when not protected by strongly mounted grills present as clear targets for most burglars. Upper floor windows which are left open also pose a high risk, especially if the building is easy to climb or if the house has a tree next to it. Pay attention to reinforce windows in older homes, where the old style windows are generally more worn out. Apply additional locks for windows on the ground level and if you have the financial background you can also change the glasses into a more secure one.

French doors and sliding doors

Patio doors which are either French style or sliding are extremely vulnerable for even lighter smarter penetration. French doors, if not provided with additional security can be easily just pushed in with the proper break-in tools and sliding doors can be lifted out of their runners and put aside. This is why you will need a very good Poole locksmith specialized in providing extra protection for all sorts of patio, balcony or terrace doors which are pose as high risk in every home.

Basements and garage entries

In many cases, people like to leave their basement windows open simply due to the fact they can be harder to see or slide through. But basement windows are some of the most common targets of burglars and they pose as some of the easiest ways of entrance in a home. Same goes for the garages, especially those attached to the house, as the entrance door leading to the home from the garage is not even locked in most instances.

Check out a good locksmith service in Poole for more info and advice on protective measures and be more careful.