Additional means of protection to your garden area

Poole locksmith services can prove to be very helpful for you but there are other means of protection which can prove to be burglar deterrent all naturally. Therefore after a 24 hour locksmith service has made sure all your locks are set and safe enough to keep you safe, think about all your fence and outdoor area and find some of the most pleasant means to protect them, with the help of nature.

Install hedges with large thorns along the fences

Thorny bushes are very good to keep burglars and any other intruders away. Some may even become a lovely decoration to your garden due to their lovely looking flowers. The best choices include the following:

  • Firethorn: thick and dense featuring lovely red berries (that cannot be eaten) these are the classic choice for all garden giving a clearly sign of intruders being not welcome. It’s very hard to get through these, even with a plant cutter it’s a nasty job, so burglars and intruders prefer to avoid them overall
  • Hawthorn hedging A classic for UK gardens along the fences, Hawthorns feature lovely scented flowers loved by bees and birds likewise, their multi-inch long spike-like dense thorns will however make sure noone ever wants to get all too close to these hedges
  • Holly hedging With every single leafs having the qualities of a ninja –star noone wants to ever be in the situation having to climb or go through this hedge. In addition this is lovely and dense and an evergreen.
  • Red Barberry This is one of the most attractive burglar-proof hedges one can ever get, thanks to its lovely red leaves, lovely flowers and attractive outlook. Its thorns can get 2 inch long to make sure, everyone whoever wants to get too close to them will be stopped in their tracks.
  • Blackthorn Dense, extremely thorny with long and dangerous thorns Blackthorn does have lovely flowers and can make any garden look beautiful. It’s one of the most popular burglar deterrents in the UK.

In addition all these hedges are good to go without being all too needy in terms of soil and watering. Don’t forget, that these thorny additions to your garden can also prove to be much useful if you live in the countryside and want also to keep uninvited animals away.

You don’ need to wait for these lovely hedges to grow as tons of garden stores also offer insta-hedging which means they will plant the already grown hedges right along your fences. These hedges work also pretty well under any window to keep anyone from climbing in.