Top tips to keep your home safe from burglarly

There are many things we can do to avoid burglary to happen with our homes. Here is a couple of these. We hope these tips will help you get prepared

Tip Nr 1: If you want to hide a spare key, look for places where noone in their right mind would hide them. Avoid gluing the key under a stone, because this leads to the stone having to be marked in one way or the other which would also seem obvious for a burglar to find them. The best method is to leave the spare key with a very good neighbor or with a family member who lives close by.

Tip Nr. 2: Pay special attention to any other entry than the main entry, as those are the most targeted by burglars, particularly the backyard entrance to the kitchen area. Get this door enforced, straightened and get a trusted locksmith to install a good lock system on it.

Tip Nr.3: If you are away for a longer time, get someone to check in from time to time and empty your post box and entrance area. Post boxes full of mail are one key sign for burglars to know that the owners are away for a longer period of time. Same goes for all printed media left in front of the door.

Tip Nr.4: Get lights which can be functioned with the help of remote app. This way you can periodically turn the lights on and off whenever you wish to. We know this is an expensive solution but it can work out in your favor and save you from a robbery.

Tip Nr.5: If you have good relationship with a neighbor ask them to guard the house when they can and alert you if they experience anything out of the ordinary.

Tip Nr.6: Ensure your doors are as hard to open as possible a trusted Poole locksmith service can be a great help for you to change all the locks which need changing and upgrade your lock system. This is especially useful if you also make sure your doors are strong enough to withstand pressure.

Tip Nr.7: Never leave any windows open: particularly windows through which someone, even a small person could push themselves through. If it’s essential, only leave such window open that’s not visible from any angles from either the street or the garden and which is small enough to not let anyone through. Make sure to give extra protection for windows which are next to any entrance areas. An additional closable spalette can be a great solution for that. Trusted emergency locksmiths in Poole can also help you resolve this.

Tip Nr.8: Ask a family member to check the house every day or every other day. This is especially useful if you have pets or plants which are in need or food, water etc.

Tip Nr.9: gather information about alarm systems. The best and most expensive alarm systems are those which are connected to the police system ( most of the regular alarms are not connected their effect is based on the sound shock and the hope that someone would call the police when hearing it). Poole locksmith services can also help you with this.