How can you protect your garden or backyard against burglary?

Gardens are some of the most vulnerable parts of any home, simply because they are often located in an area that’s hidden and away from the eyes of the neighbours therefore not many can see any intruders getting in from there.

However it’s fairly easy to make sure your garden area is well protected if you apply a couple of security measures.


Do not leave anything of higher value outside

Your garden looks all the more tempting once you leave all the expensive barbecue items, electronic or other grass cutters and any other gardening machines of value. This can also be inclusive of all sorts of more expensive toys too. It’s best to have them locked in the garage or in the shed. Make sure you have a good Manchester locksmith service to provide some additional reinforcements for your locks especially in case you store some more valuable tools.

Lock all tools and ladders away

Ladders can be a fantastic help for you in the garden but they are just as fantastic a help for any burglar who attempts to get into your home, especially if you happen to leave a window or balcony door open. That’s why it’s absolutely important to keep an eye on this. All other objects which can prove harmful, including knives, scythes or else that can even be used as a weapon should be well closed away when not used.

Give extra protection to the garden door

Garden doors belong to the category of most forgotten doors within a household. Even if these are the doors which are used the most frequently oftentimes both by neighbours and by any other visitors, they are most commonly hidden and therefore they remain underappreciated. However, these are the doors burglars also prefer to use due to the fact that they are hidden and they are very easy to slide open. Oftentimes when garden doors are easy to open, the backyard doors, which lead to the kitchen are also very easy to open (especially because there are several home owners who don’t even keep these locked). Unfortunately this makes burglary all too easy. On the sunnier side, this way owners won’t have to pay so much money for mending broken doors or windows. However, prevent burglary from happening and make sure all your doors and windows are reinforced by an experienced Poole locksmith service.

Grow thorny or spikey bushes along your fence

Bushes can prove absolutely successful when grown under the windows and along the fences, especially if they have plenty of thorns. These are specific plants, which are used for fencing reasons, regardless they can have lovely flowers and can really decorate a garden very well.

Make sure the fence is protected from below and above

There should be a concrete base for all the fences, in order to make digging underneath impossible. On the top, spikes are by far the best solution as these can really captivate someone once they get on or over them.